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29 July 2021

WHO reports new data on electronic nicotine delivery systems

The eighth  WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic has been launched! This report tracks the progress made by countries in tobacco control since 2008 and, for the first time, presents data on electronic nicotine delivery systems, such as ‘e-cigarettes’.
The report, co-authored with Bloomberg Philanthropies, notes that the manufacturers of these products, whose range continues to expand, often target children and adolescents with thousands of tempting marketing techniques (16,000 in the report) and reassuring statements.
The report shows that, while many countries are making progress in the fight against tobacco, some countries are not addressing or regulating emerging nicotine and tobacco products.

The WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, 2021, finds that:

  • Since 2007, 102 countries have introduced one or more MPOWER measures at the highest level of achievement.
  • More than half of all countries are now covered by graphic health warnings on tobacco packaging at best-practice level
  • While being the most effective way to reduce tobacco use, taxation is still the MPOWER policy with the lowest population coverage and has not increased from the 13% achieved in 2018.
  • Of the 5.3 billion people protected by at least one MPOWER measure, over 4 billion live in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) (or 65% of all people in LMICs).
  • 49 countries have yet to adopt a single MPOWER measure at the highest level of achievement – 41 are LMICs.
  • In the world’s 29 low-income countries, 15 today have at least one MPOWER policy in place at best-practice level compared to three in 2007, showing that income level is not a barrier to best-practice tobacco control
  • Most high income countries (HICs) (78%) regulate ENDS, and 7% have a ban on sales without any other regulation. Among MICs, 40% regulate ENDS, and 10% have a ban on sales without any other regulation, leaving half of middle income countries (MICs) neither regulating ENDS nor banning their sale. In contrast, 76% of LICs neither regulate ENDS nor ban their sale.

Mobilising support for Konstantin Krasovsky

Our friend and colleague from Ukraine, Konstantin Krasovsky, is seriously ill and will most likely have long-term health needs. Doctors are not 100% sure what happened, he is unresponsive and has been in hospital since June 24, with a week in intensive care.
Konstantin and his wife Tatiana - ENSP Conference in Brussels, 2016
Today, Konstantin still needs help and the ENSP is encouraging you to support our colleague financially or by finding a solution that could bring him closer to a diagnosis. Along with the financial support, what is currently most needed is relevant medical expertise. If any of the network's colleagues have experts in neurology with experience in treating autoimmune encephalitis and can offer advice online, please contact Tatiana Andreeva: tatianandreeva@gmail.com 
To support him, you can donate to this account:
BE90 3631 5646 0232
European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention
ING Bank Belgium - BBRUBEBB
Donation for Konstantin Krasovsky
ENSP is centralising the donations and will transfer funds to Tatiana by 9 August 2021.
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