26 November 2021

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Join the ENSP International hackathon "End tobacco use for beating cancer" on 3-4 December

To identify and support the best practices to challenge the cancer crisis caused by tobacco use, ENSP is organizing a hackathon with the support of Activize Health and FreshBlood HealthTech which will look to define new and effective ideas to reduce tobacco use and beat cancer.


End tobacco use for beating cancer is an International hackathon open to everyone and will take place online on 3 - 4 December 2021 and will facilitate mentorship sessions with various experts on the critical role of innovation and health in order to build strong teams and develop sustainable solutions. Mentors will be available during the hackathon to provide expert insight on content, strategy, and presentation techniques. The event will be fully virtual, targeting international participants and the teams can be made up of individuals from different countries or groups. Solo participants are also invited to register and will be matched with a team for the duration of the competition. 

The prizes from ENSP for the best three ideas will be a total monetary of 3500 euro: 2000€ to 1st prize; 1000€ to second prize; 500€ to the third prize. Moreover, the winning teams will have the opportunity to be invited to take part in the next ENSP projects and benefit from continuous guidance regarding their business idea

Registrations for the Hackathon can be made here for teams and here for individuals until December 1st, 2021 - 23.59 CET after which the submissions will be evaluated and the organisers will contact the selected teams and individuals.

Join us as we develop innovative solutions to end tobacco use and beat cancer!

Upcoming events

2 December: EU Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2021 launch

This event launching the EU Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2021 aims to raise awareness of the renewed efforts by the tobacco industry to influence the decision-making process at the EU level.
The European and the EU Tobacco Industry Interference reports remind about the obligations of EU Institutions and the Member States under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, specifically as regards Article 5.3 which asks governments to protect public health from the interference of the tobacco industry and analyse the level of implementation of these rules.

The proper implementation of Article 5.3 at the EU level is a matter of urgency as Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is currently being discussed, along with the upcoming review of the main tobacco control pieces of legislation at the EU level:  the EU Tobacco Tax Directive, the EU Tobacco Products Directive, and the EU Tobacco Advertising Directive. In this context, it is of utmost importance that EU policy-makers ensure the protection of public health policies against the vested interests of the tobacco industry.


The event also aims to highlight the well-documented tactic used by the tobacco industry to gain access to policy-makers by involving front-groups in the public health debates, which poses a significant challenge to the implementation of Article 5.3. 

*Please note that the tobacco industry and those representing tobacco industry interests are not invited to attend, in accordance with the Guidelines of Article 5.3 FCTC. 

30 November: Tobacco, Smoking and Vaping in the context of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic affected all areas of public health and had caused much controversy among experts, authorities, and the general public. Nearly 2 years after the start of this pandemic, many factors have changed, including smoking behavior and the tobacco industry's response to the pandemic. All these factors ultimately influenced the outcomes of many studies. With over 3 million deaths from COVID-19 and over 8 million deaths from tobacco use, it is important to understand the link between the two.

Therefore, on 30 November 2021, from 13:00 to 14:30 CET, within the 2021 Online Edition of European Conference on Tobacco Control, the ENSP organizes the webinar “Tobacco, Smoking and Vaping in the context of COVID-19”, a webinar that will gather multiple case studies aiming to showcase the role of smoking in the pandemic, observed in different places from Europe and beyond. This symposium will try to clarify the evolution of smoking and vaping during the pandemic, from smoking patterns and the vaping situation to COVID-19 mortality rate due to tobacco consumption and in general, all in light of the tobacco industry's responses to these problems.

Register now for the webinar and learn more about this challenging topic! The final agenda will be published soon.

Take ENSP Survey: Mapping national tobacco endgame strategies around the EU

While the EU has committed to create a tobacco-free generation, where less than 5% of people use tobacco by 2040, some countries had already adopted their initiatives to achieve the tobacco- and smoke-free future and are working towards reaching this goal in a foreseeable prospective. ENSP would like to support the dissemination and application of this practice among all European States and, to that end, is conducting a survey to map all currently-existing programmes: both national or driven by civil society.

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