5 April 2022

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7th ENSP - European Conference on

Tobacco Control

The next ENSP European Conference on Tobacco Control (ECTC) will take place on 6-8 July in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. The 7th edition of the Conference is co-organised with ENSP's Greek members and partners. We are pleased to invite you to register and/or submit your abstract for the conference via the forms below.

The deadline for abstract/symposia submission is 15 May 2022.
All questions and collaboration proposals can be address to 
ENSP Secretariat

About the location: Heraklion, Crete

Heraklion, is the capital of Crete, the largest urban centre in Crete and the economic centre of the island with approximately 200,000 people. The town of Heraklion is a vibrant small metropolis and combines urban scenery, archaeological and cultural heritage with natural beauty.


The first European civilization, the Minoan civilization, flourished on this land 5000 years ago and can still be experienced today by visiting the ancient palace of Knossos Archaeological Site and the Archeological Museum of Heraklion.

The Aquila Atlantis Hotel is the city’s largest luxury hotel with unobstructed views of the historic harbour. Ideally positioned in the heart of the city, it is the perfect starting point to discover Heraklion many historic monuments and museums all within easy reach of the business and commercial district.


Open all year round, the hotel offers unparalleled services and amenities that meet and exceed the expectations of even the most challenging traveler. Sophisticated and cosmopolitan yet casual and contemporary, the Aquila Atlantis hotel not only is a combination of uncompromising comfort and understated lavishness, but also provides a warm hospitality and cozy atmosphere in each and every one of its corners.

In order to help with your planning, a number of rooms in the venue hotel: Aquila Atlantis hotel, as well as to other hotels within walking distance of the venue, have been blocked by CCBS GREECE, which is our official accommodation supplier. Hotel rooms are available in different room and price categories for conference delegates at special rates.


Book early to secure your room and take advantage of the special negotiated rates!

Global Media Competition:

"DISASTER IN DISGUISE: Tobacco Companies' Environmental Harms"

The Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control, a partner of STOP (a global tobacco industry watchdog), will launch the third edition of the Global Media Competition. This year’s theme, “Disaster in Disguise: Tobacco Companies’ Environmental Harms” seeks creative visual designs and short videos that portray tobacco’s damaging impact to the environment and how the tobacco industry aggressively hides its damages by making us believe that it is environmentally conscious.


In reality, tobacco’s production process disrupts the ecosystem and undermines policies to protect the environment. Yet the industry shifts blame to consumers, using tactics such as so-called CSR and presenting greenwashing claims to repair and build its public image. 

Calling all visual designers – help expose how #tobacco companies disguise their harms to the environment for a chance to win up to US$4000!


Submit before May 11, 2022 the most compelling social media graphics and short videos showing how tobacco companies aggressively hide how damaging they are to the environment by making us believe that they are environmentally friendly to undermine policies and escape liability.

ENSP hosts a meeting with the Head of the WHO FCTC Secretariat

On 30 March 2022, an informal meeting between the WHO FCTC representatives, Dr. Adriana Blanco Marquizo and Kate Lannan, and the ENSP Staff and Board was held at the ENSP office in Brussels. Main activities for 2022 were presented both from ENSP's and the Secretariat's side. In a joint meeting with Smoke-Free Partnership participants discussed such topics as youth engagement in prevention campaigns as well as novel tobacco products and their impact on tobacco control activities at the European level. Acknowledging the role of civil society in advancing tobacco control, participants agreed to continue their fruitful collaboration in order to ensure better implementation of the WHO FCTC in Europe.

Other news and publications

Tobacco and Human Rights training and

5th Annual Meeting of Alliance Contre le Tabac

In collaboration with the ASH and CNCT, ENSP member Alliance Contre le Tabac organized a "Tobacco & Human Rights" training on 15 March. Tailored to the Alliance's members, this day aimed at demonstrating the importance of including the concept of human rights in the fight against smoking and adopting a common method of advocacy. This rich event served as a platform of exchanges between 23 participants. 
Following the training, on 16 March, ACT held its 5th annual meeting in Paris, France. On this occasion, the 35 participants - members of the alliance - discussed the past year's achievements and reflected together on specific themes: tobacco control, prevention of female smoking, new tobacco products, etc. Moreover, on 16 March, the ACT-Maurice Tubiana prize rewarded 8 strong and original initiatives that contribute to changing the way we look at smoking and its industry. Participants had the chance to interact and exchange ideas with the winners and brainstorm about how the society can gradually end the sale of tobacco in France and reach the first tobacco-free generation in 2030.

New Belgian strategy for a smoke-free generation

The new 2022-2028 interfederal strategy in Belgium has been published, with the main focus on smoke-free generation. With a continuous evolution of the tobacco prevalence and the usage of e-cigarettes especially among youth, the strategy adopts a new approach to tackle tobacco consumption. The document advocates for a smoke-free society and aims to reduce smoking prevalence among young people in order to achieve a tobacco-free generation and drastically reduce smoking prevalence among the general population. This new strategy focuses mostly on health promotion, including health literacy, empowerment, proportionate universalism, and strategies based on living environment approaches.

New study on cigarette taxation and neonatal infant mortality

Raising taxes on tobacco is associated with a reduction in neonatal and infant mortality, according to an analysis of 159 countries published this week in the open-access journal PLOS Global Public Health by Anthony Laverty of Imperial College London, UK, and colleagues. Exposure of pregnant women and babies to smoking and second-hand smoke is known to increase the risks of neonatal and infant mortality. Raising taxation on tobacco has been shown to be the most effective measure of reducing tobacco use and associated health risks, especially among low-income populations. A tobacco tax rate of 75% or greater is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). In the new study, the researchers used data spanning 2008 through 2018 from 159 countries on neonatal and infant mortality, tobacco taxation, and other related variables including gross domestic product, fertility rate, education and access to drinking water. 


Now also indexed in PubMed Central. Learn more...

The latest publications in the TPC Journal:
Anne C. K. Quah, Sungkyu Lee, Hong Gwan Seo, Sung-il Cho, Sujin Lim, Yeol Kim, Steve S. Xu, Matthew Grey, Mi Yan, Christian Boudreau, Mary E. Thompson, Pete Driezen, Geoffrey T. Fong
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