12 July 2022

New ENSP President elected at the General Assembly in Crete

The European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP), the biggest tobacco control network in Europe gathering 80 organisations and national coalitions in 36 European countries, announces that Prof. Dr. Florin Dumitru MIHALTAN has been elected as ENSP President on July 6th, 2022 during the General Assembly organized within the 7th edition of the ENSP European Conference on Tobacco Control.

As the Former President of the Romanian Society of Pneumology, Prof Mihaltan is a Senior Pneumologist, MD, PhD, FCCP at the Institute of Pneumophtisiology „Marius Nasta” in Bucharest. With a reach scientific background, Prof Mihaltan has more than 500 articles and 20 books published. In recent years he has been the sole or primary author of various books and monographs on topics mainly related to sleep pathology, respiratory failure, quitting smoking, homecare of severe respiratory patient and smoking prevention.

Besides being the Head of Pneumology Department (II) at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, in Bucharest (Romania), his international experience is extended to: National GOLD and GINA representative, member of the SPLF Council (2016-2021), and Member of ERS, ATS, CHEST, and OGP. He has been a Board Member in ENSP since 2016, while he promoted the fight against tobacco at the highest level in Romania, culminating with the contribution to the organisation of the 4th ENSP – SRP European Conference on Tobacco Control 2019, which was held from 27 to 29 of March 2019 in Bucharest, Romania, where his strong leadership skills were added to the set-up of the biggest ENSP Conference organized to this day, gathering more than 400 participants.

Taking over the ENSP Network leadership and its duties for the near future, Professor Mihaltan said: I’m looking forward to continuing the fight against tobacco as ENSP President. ENSP has great achievements and a clear goal: to end tobacco in Europe. Together, with the big ENSP family, we will succeed despite the strong tobacco industry opposition. The health of Europeans is more important than the profit of the tobacco industry, and our politicians must understand once and for all this basic fact. We are waiting for you all to join us, at ENSP, to protect our kids from the devastating effects of tobacco use.”


Welcome the new ENSP Board

During the General Assembly, elections for a few mandates in the Board have also been organised. Therefore, the Network is pleased to announce the new ENSP Board:
  • President: Florin Mihaltan, Romanian Society of Pneumology, Romania
  • Vice-President: Uliana Bakh, PROI, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Treasurer: Niels Thiem Kjaer, Danish Cancer Society, Denmark
  • Krzysztof Przewozniak, Foundation “Smart Health – Health in 3D”, Poland
  • Danielle van Kalmthout, Belgian Alliance for a Smoke Free Society, Belgium
  • Loic Josseran, French Alliance against tobacco, France
  • Luke Clancy, TobaccoFree Research Institute, Ireland

Wrapping up the 7th ENSP - European Conference on Tobacco Control

The 7th ENSP European Conference on Tobacco Control 2022 was held from 6 to 8 of July in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. After more than 2 long years of the pandemic, restricted interactions and online meetings and conferences, this year's ECTC aimed at gathering people again, and especially at showing the beauty of brilliant minds sharing, listening, and discussing the latest updates, achievements, and future directions of action from the tobacco control community in Europe and beyond. A strong message of support for ending tobacco use was also sent by Greek officials that have participated to the conference, such as Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis; Deputy Minister of Health, Zoe Rapti; and President of the National Public Health Organisation, Theoklis Zaoutis. International high-level representatives participated as well, so the Conference had the honour to receive a welcoming speech delivered by the Head of the Secretariat of the WHO FCTC.

The Conference activities were completed successfully. A great number of speakers, delegates, ENSP members and partners contributed to the success of the event. The Conference hosted almost 200 European and international attendees from more than 20 countries while the program included a total of 21 sessions. 115 abstracts were accepted as oral and poster presentations and were published as a special issue in the official ENSP Journal – Tobacco Prevention and Cessation.

Speech delivered by Head of the Secretariat of the WHO FCTC for the 7th ENSP ECTC

During the official Opening Ceremony of the 7th ENSP-ECTC on Thursday, the Head of Secretariat of the WHO FCTC, Dr Adriana Blanco Marquizo, could not be more appreciative of the work of ENSP, and of the wider civil society community, and highlighted the value of the resources our network brings to bear on the enormous public health, social and environmental challenges that tobacco represents.
In her speech, Dr Blanco Marquizo congratulates the ENSP's role in the NGO sector and at the international level: " You not only bring your considerable energy and expertise to bear, but you are also often best placed to offer insights regarding conditions on the ground so vital to the drafting of effective policy and strategy. NGOs also play a key role in driving the research agenda, monitoring the tobacco industry – which in itself can be a full-time job - as well as in whistle-blowing, communications, support, and advocacy."
In addition, she reminds the session related to tobacco and the environmental impact organised by the WHO FCTC during the Conference: "While most people know that quitting smoking is essential for good health, few realize that quitting is critical for the environment as well. This is a message that needs to be shouted from the rooftops, and indeed from the treetops (while we still have trees to do so), around the world."

Abstract Book is now published in the TPC Journal!

The 7th edition of the ECTC has come to an end with the publication of Supplement/2022 vol.8 in the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Journal.
This Abstract Book includes accepted submissions received under themes such as Taxation; Tobacco / Smoking / Vaping & COVID-19; novel tobacco products; Endgame strategies; EU-Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU); environment; Cancer, different WHO-FCTC Articles, youth or tobacco and war.

9th Edition of the ENSP Awards

On the occasion of the 7th ENSP European Conference on Tobacco Control, on July 7, ENSP had the pleasure to award the staff and collaborators that have been supporting the Secretariat with the ENSP Award for Outstanding contribution to Tobacco Control:
  • Andrea GLAHN
  • Dominique NGUYEN
  • Karina Mihaela MOCANU
  • Charis GIRVALAKI
  • Enkeleint Aggelos MECHILI
  • Katerina NIKITARA
  • Christina KYRIAKOS
  • Cornel RADU-LOGHIN
Special post-humous ENSP award remembering the Network’s friend and colleague, Dr Martina POETSKE LANGER, serves as recognition of her efforts to strengthen the tobacco control community and improve public health in Germany and the EU. Dr Katrin Schaller from DKFZ was present during the Ceremony and received the Award on behalf of Martina’s family and colleagues.

14-15 July: Tobacco Dependence Treatment workshop in Lisbon

In collaboration with the Portuguese members of the Portuguese Society of Pneumology and TAB (Tobacco Work Committee), the ENSP will organise its Tobacco Dependence Treatment workshop in Lisbon, between 14-15 July.
The programme, carefully organised, will highlight the importance of this training by discussing the burden of tobacco use in Europe and Portugal, as well as the nicotine addiction and the patient approach. The agenda of the training will cover topics such as novel tobacco products, behavioural counselling, pharmacotherapy, and how to work with special and vulnerable populations.
We are impatient to meet in Portugal friends, colleagues, and other interested people in joining the network, as well as get the chance to exchange with them.

Other news and publications

European Commission's proposed delegated Directive to ban flavours for HTPs

On 29 June, the European Commission announced the will to ban the sale of all flavoured heated tobacco products as part of its goal of a smoke-free generation in the European Union (EU) by 2040. Soaring sales rates, and the fact that these products now account for more than 2.5% of total tobacco sales, provide the conditions for the EU to act. The proposal, which only covers flavoured heated tobacco products, will now be considered by the 27 EU governments and the European Parliament.
This delegated Directive has not yet entered into force. It is subject to the right of the European Parliament and of the Council to express objections in accordance with Article 290 (2) of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union.
Heated tobacco products are promoted by tobacco companies as less risky alternatives to combustible cigarettes. Philip Morris, for example, claims that replacing full combustion with pyrolysis produces “on average 90-95% less” toxic substances. However, a recent study has shown the presence of toxic components to be at higher levels in heated tobacco smoke than in conventional cigarette smoke. These products present modified risks compared to conventional cigarettes which is different to harm reduction.

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between WHO FCTC and Santé Publique France

On the 5th of July 2022, Santé Publique France and the Secretariat of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) signed a memorandum of understanding for collaboration in key areas of work.
This agreement concretizes France's commitment to the creation of the first WHO FCTC Knowledge Hub on education, communication, training, and public awareness, areas addressed in Article 12 of the WHO FCTC.
This Knowledge Hub platform is the first with bilingual French-English content. Santé Publique France, designated by the French Ministry of Health, will contribute its expertise to the 182 Parties of the FCTC in order to promote the sharing of knowledge and skills in the areas mentioned.
"This event is the culmination of several years of coordination with the Government of France – including working through the constraints required by the pandemic - at the end of which we have arrived at an agreement to set up another important element to strengthen global implementation of the WHO FCTC.", said the Dr Adriana Blanco Marquizo, Head of Secretariat of the WHO FCTC.

EC Consultation on smoke-free environments

Last chance to give your feedback!

On 22 June, the European Commission opened a new consultation related to the Council’s 2009 Recommendation on smoke-free environments that aims to protect people across the EU from exposure to second-hand smoke.


As announced in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, this initiative aims to bring the recommendation into line with market developments and include the use of tobacco and related products in certain outdoor spaces in its scope.


Notably, it aims to extend:

  • its coverage to emerging products
  • its scope to additional outdoor spaces (e.g. schools & playgrounds).
The call for evidence is open for feedback and you can share your views before 20 July 2022.

Now also indexed in PubMed Central. Learn more...

The latest publications in the TPC Journal:
Megan Pavy, Heesung Shin, Nicole Malik, Simone Whooley, Nathan Tefilin, Sabrina L. Smiley
Anette K. Bolling, Nadja Mallock, Efthimios Zervas, Stéphanie Caillé-Garnier, Thibault Mansuy, Cécile Michel, Jeroen L. A. Pennings, Thomas Schulz, Per E. Schwarze, Renata Solimini, Jean-Pol Tassin, Constantine I. Vardavas, Miguel Merino, Charlotte G. G. M. Pauwels, Lotte E. van Nierop, Claude Lambré, Anne Havermans
Anne Havermans, Nadja Mallock, Efthimios Zervas, Stéphanie Caillé-Garnier, Thibault Mansuy, Cécile Michel, Jeroen L. A. Pennings, Thomas Schulz, Per E. Schwarze, Renata Solimini, Jean-Pol Tassin, Constantine I. Vardavas, Miguel Merino, Charlotte G. G. M. Pauwels, Lotte E. van Nierop, Claude Lambré, Anette K. Bolling
Mike S. Straarup, Frances O’Donovan, Angeliki Lambrou, Christine Weber, Irina Gebetsberger-Hartleitner, Renata Solimini, Benoît Labarbe, Carl C. Lange, Stine Stærmose, Yvonne C. M. Staal, Anne Havermans, Esteve Fernández, Dolors Carnicer-Pont, Olena Tigova, Hanna Ollila
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